So, I’ve been working on this story with the help of Nolan Brohman since July of 2019. I had begun writing what is now book three of this series a few months earlier on the last day of regular classes at Brock. I was troubled. I wanted to include a backstory about my main character, but I had some real questions. I didn’t want to burden the book with too much detail though, but I thought those details were important. I decided I would need to write another book (two in fact) that would detail who was he, and why was he working in his profession of choice. Nolan had an assignment for an English class and used a random story generator to come up with an idea to write about. What came out of the generator was the suggestion to write about a serial killer who severed heads and dyed them turquoise.

What happened next was that the somewhat absurd concept ballooned in my mind into the skeleton of a narrative, and Nolan and I began to brainstorm. As is the course with many things, new ideas led to new questions that needed to be answered before I could begin writing. Now, some eight or nine months later, following an exhaustive research process into serial killers, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Baltimore area, Long Island and Westchester New York, and even the highway traffic camera systems of Virginia and Maryland, I have finally begun to write the initial manuscript for the book.

Things are crazy in the world right now. We’re all kind of in lockdown and it sucks. So, I figure people can use an escape. I’ve seen more than enough videos on Instagram and Facebook of celebrities and regular folks singing feel-good songs. Some are more painful to watch than others. I thought I’d do what I do best and write, but more, I thought that I would pull back the curtain and let you (sort of — whoever you are) watch the process unfold by posting what’s finished in segments that you can read.

The upside of this is that maybe you get to read an entertaining story. The downside is that I’m not really taking the time to edit for grammar or continuity. I have a general outline for the story, but I really have no idea where it’s going, only a fairly fluid endpoint at a campground in upstate New York. I’ll try to keep things as consistent as possible as I go. I have a whole wiki that I put together to keep track of all of the information so I can use it as a reference as I write (I may share it at some point when this is done, but there are spoilers so I’ll keep it under wraps for now). Please bear with me, and give me a little license and some understanding with run-on sentences, and the odd misspelled word – perhaps even a comma splice or two. If you can look beyond those errors, then I welcome you to read and enjoy it.

No part of this text should be copied without my express written consent, and I retain my copyrights to all of the text on this website unless of course, it’s a quote from someone else – then they own it.

Thank you for reading,

Andrew Alexander Miller
April 3rd 2020

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